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Song of the South DVD

Song of the South DVD

Song of the South DVD
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Song of the South on DVD
  • Complete, unedited. No subtitles. All English.
  • Restored, remastered video and audio. Dolby Digital
  • Designed for North American equipment(Region 1).
  • Long lasting 100 year ultra premium disk.
  • Easy to use animated menus.
  • Many extras not found elsewhere.
  • Superior quality not found elsewhere, at any price.
  • Complete, includes Tar Baby, Rabbit Roast and Happy Place
  • Includes the rare and wonderful cartoon done by an all African American cast making fun of Snow White, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs(Hidden as an "Easter Egg").
  • Johnny Mercer radio spot, theatrical and televison trailers.
  • All on an easy to use navigation menu.
Since its original, highly successful release in 1946, Song of the South has had and continues to have detractors. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. is reported to have called the film an insult to American minorities. The NAACP was highly critical of it. Movie critic Roger Ebert, while not advocating total censorship, said in his Chicago Times-Tribune column, that it should be withheld from general audiences because of the effect it could have on children. So here it is in all its glory one of the most controversial movies of all time. Banned from commercial release here in the good 'ol USofA. So get it while you can, supplies very low.